On Shuttle America, it's what you DON'T get for your money:

No tickets to lose or to keep track of (this is, after all, the computer age -- and we're "paperless").

No excess car traffic -- Because we serve more uncongested and user-friendly airports, you won't have to pay dearly for parking spaces. In fact, three of our airports provide FREE parking, so you won't have to pay anything at all.

No lines -- Other airlines make you stand in line. Not us. At Shuttle America, just proceed directly to the gate to check in.

No assigned seats means quick boarding. We ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes before departure (not an hour prior like the other airlines).

No overbooked flights means your seat is guaranteed upon purchasing your reservation and, unlike the other airlines, you will not be asked to give it up.

No middle seats -- With our 2 x 2 seating configuration, everyone gets a window or an aisle seat. Our seats are all-leather and feature an industry-leading 32" seat pitch for maximum legroom.

No shortage of overhead storage -- You shouldn't have to squeeze your carry-on item in and out of the overhead with a crowbar. Our overhead bins are oversized and provide plenty of room.

No excess ground time -- Because we serve more user-friendly uncongested airports, waiting in line for takeoff will be a rarity (in fact, you'll likely be "number one for take-off").

No excess air time -- You'll also likely be "number one for landing."

No airline meals -- We serve your choice of favorite beverages and tasty packaged snacks -- no mystery meats.

No connecting flights -- We feature frequent non-stop or direct service only, making the headache of flight connections a thing of the past.

No restrictions/few rules -- Shuttle America offers its lowest fares even on one-way travel. We do not require round trip ticket purchase or a Saturday night stay to obtain the lowest fare.

No fare gimmicks -- Shuttle America's low fares are available year-round to all of our cities (and even our last minute walk-up fares are surprisingly low).

Start Flying Smart!

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