We are currently improving our technology to provide you with real-time schedule and fare information.

At this time, please call 1-888-999-FARE for Schedule and Fare Information.



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Prices, routes and schedules subject to change without notice.  Schedule times may vary slightly during Holiday Periods.  Please call reservations (1-888-999-FARE) for schedules and specific fare information. 

Fares are listed each way and do not include a Federal Excise Tax of $2.75 per segment, Passenger Facility Charges (up to $6 each way) and a Fuel Surcharge of $5.00 per segment.  A segments is defined as a take-off and a landing.

All fares are based on availaility.  Lowest fares may not be available on all flights and are generally purchased 21 or 14 days in advance, depending upon the market.  Prices subject to change and price is not guaranteed until time of booking.

Fares are non refundable and non transferrable.  Tickets may be changed or cancelled for a $25 service charge per passenger, plus any difference in the fare, if applicable.  Vouchers (minus the service charge) are issued for passengers who cancel their reservations prior to the flight's scheduled departure time.  Fares booked in the Y class (the highest fare offered) can be changed with no change fee charged (if changed prior to scheduled departure), but remain non-refundable and non-transferrable.

All fares are based on one-way travel.  No Saturday night stay is required to obtain low fares.