Can I book my Shuttle America flight online?
At this time, Shuttle America does not offer online reservations or bookings. We are currently defining the booking engine that will best serve our customers' needs. In the meantime, please call our reservations center at 1-888-999-FARE to make your reservation, or use our Name Your Price section to get your best deal on a Shuttle America flight. (Shuttle America's Reservations hours of operation are Monday - Friday 6am to 11pm, Saturday 8am to 5pm, and Sunday 10am to 10pm).

Can I have my travel agent book my flight?
Yes, your travel agent can book your flight on Shuttle America through Amadeus, Apollo, SABRE, Galileo or WorldSpan or by calling our executive travel desk.

Where does Shuttle America fly?
Shuttle America currently serves three convenient airports in cities throughout the Northeast:

Boston / Hanscom Field, MA (BED)

Buffalo / Niagara Falls, NY (BUF)

 Trenton / Mercer County, NJ (TTN)

What type of aircraft does Shuttle America fly?
Shuttle America utilizes a fleet of Bombardier Dash 8 Series 300 aircraft. Please refer to our State-of-the-Art Aircraft for more information.

Will my fare be more expensive if I don't purchase a round trip ticket?
No -- Shuttle America offers its lowest fares even on one-way travel. We do not require round trip ticket purchase or a Saturday night stay. Please refer to our Schedules and Fares for more information.

What are Shuttle America's baggage limitations?
Shuttle America allows each passenger to check through two pieces of baggage and to carry-on one additional piece of luggage. Carry-on bags cannot exceed dimensions of 19x11x15 and must fit in the overhead bin or in the seat in front of you. Any item of luggage weighing more than 70 pounds is subject to an additional charge by Shuttle America. (We can accept no single piece of luggage weighing more than 100 pounds). Luggage is subject to a security check and acceptance is at the discretion of the airport. For more information on our baggage limitations, please refer to our Travel Policies.

How early do I need to arrive at the airport prior to my flight?
Shuttle America recommends that all passengers arrive at the airport at least 30 minutes prior to their departure time.

Does Shuttle America overbook its flights?
It is Shuttle America's policy not to overbook its flights.

What types of restrictions are in place when a ticket is purchased on Shuttle America?
  • Shuttle America's fares are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you do need to change your travel plans after your reservation has been made, a $25 change fee per passenger per segment plus any difference in the fare will be applied.
    (Full price fares -- walk up / Y category -- are not subject to a change fee).
    Please contact the Shuttle America reservations department at 1-888-999-FARE at least one hour prior to your departure to change your reservation. Please see our Travel Policies for more information.

  • If a passenger does not contact the airline and does not show up for the flight, the
    fare is forfeited.

Does Shuttle America accept animals on their flights?
Yes, Shuttle America does accept a limited number of pets to be transported on each of its flights. For specific requirements and specifications on pet transportation on Shuttle America, please contact our reservations center at 1-888-999-FARE.

How do I contact your Customer Relations Department?
All inquires to our Customer Service department may be made, in writing, to our Corporate Headquarters in Windsor Locks, CT. Please address all inquires to:

Director of Customer Service
Shuttle America
334 Ella Grasso Turnpike
Windsor Locks, CT 06096
or through the Contact Us section of the website.

What is Shuttle America's policy on Lap Children?
Lap Children are defined as children under 24 months old. A Lap Child may travel on Shuttle America at no charge, but the child must travel in their parent/guardian's lap. All children traveling on Shuttle America, age two years or older, must travel on a regular fare ticket. Please see our Travel Policies for more information.

Is it true that some of the airports that Shuttle America serves offer FREE PARKING?
Yes. In fact, two of the airports we serve offer free parking to our customers. These airports are:
- Boston / Hanscom Field (BED)
- Trenton / Mercer County (TTN)

Where can I find information about ground transportation and other pertinent information about the airports that Shuttle America serves?
All of this information can be found here on the Shuttle America web site under the Convenient Airports section.

Where can I find more information regarding Shuttle America's travel policies?
Shuttle America's travel policies are outlined in more detail under the Travel Policies section of the website.

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