Travel midweek. (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are usually the lightest travel days).

By placing a Time Preference of ANYTIME during any given day, greatly increases your chances of having the bid accepted.  Also, increasing your availability to one or two prior / future days for travel also increases the chances of having your bid accepted.  By providing Shuttle America with greater flexibility you give us more options to accept your bid.

Travel mid-day. (Avoid the early morning and late afternoon business travel times).

Fare requests that are lower than the lowest published fare will typically only be granted to parties of three (3) or more. Please note that the lowest fare in each of our markets is sometimes only a weekend fare and may not be applicable to flights during the week. If your bidding date is close to your traveling dates, fares closeer to our walk up fares are more frequently accepted. Click below to find our lowest published fares. 

From Boston / Hanscom Field
From Buffalo / Niagara Falls
From Trenton / Mercer County

Travel in groups of three or more on the same itinerary.

Please note that all requests must be submitted at least THREE (3) days prior but no more than TWENTY-ONE (21) days in advance of your intended day of travel.

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