Shuttle America Maintenance Control


Correction of mechanical irregularities that may develop during flight operations.

Monitor the status of out-of-service aircraft.

Provide technical guidance and/or contact to line, on-call maintenance personnel as required.

Coordinate with the Manager of Maintenance to ensure that appropriate parts, equipment and personnel are routed to the out-of-service aircraft as required.

Report the status of out-of-service and spare aircraft, Ferry Flights, mechanical delays and cancellations. This information is made available to all concerned departments to aid in making operation decisions.

Authorize MEL/CDL deferrals in accordance with the procedures outlined in the GMM.


Must possess a current Airfram and Powerplant License.

Experience in PART 121 operations is a plus.

Knowledge of FAR's also preferred.

Flexibility in work schedule, including ability to work nights, weekends and holidays.


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