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We're Shuttle America
We offer a revolutionary new approach to flying that you will really like:
  • Frequent non-stop and direct flights;
  • Hassle-free ticketing and boarding;
  • Flights from convenient, uncongested airports;
  • No middle seats for a comfortable trip;
  • And, oh yes, low, low one-way fares.
Upgrade to Shuttle America
Shuttle America offers some very impressive savings - up to 70% less than normal fares - but never at the expense of comfort and convenience.
  • Our Dash-8-300 aircraft are state-of-the-art.
  • Our pilots are highly experienced.

That's the Shuttle difference. A lot of airlines offer low fares. But only Shuttle America can make you feel good about flying

How to book a flight on Shuttle America:
We have made flying easier - for passengers as well as travel agents:
Call toll-free 1-888-999-FARE. Simple as that!! You don't have to worry about tickets, because there are no tickets. We will greet you by name when you come to our gate.
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