Our Guiding Principles

Respect Our People

If there is anything more basic, we’re not aware of it. Everything we want to accomplish flows from this point.

Hire the Best People

We attract the best performers, then make them better. In turn, that makes us better.

Create a Culture of Fun and Action

Taking one’s responsibilities seriously does not require removing the joy from life.

Strive for Excellence in Everything We Do

If you’re looking for a mantra, here’s a great one: good enough isn’t good enough.

Focus Our Energy on Making Good Things Happen

We have a choice between dwelling on problems and creating solutions. Seems like a very easy choice.

Share and Communicate Accurate Information

The ability to communicate makes us human. The ability to communicate well makes us professionals.

Tell the Truth

As it turns out, honesty is also the best corporate policy. And it’s ours.

Take Responsibility for Our Actions

Accountability is the key. When we do make mistakes, we’ll own up to and correct them.

Invest Our Profits Back in the Airline

This is Standard Operating Procedure for successful business. We follow it.

Recognize Outstanding Service

We have high standards. Meeting them is difficult. Surpassing them is worthy of praise.