Every person with a disability is different, and you are the best judge of the service you require. The following information is provided to assist with your trip planning.

In addition to requesting special assistance when making your reservation, please let our In-flight crew members know of your special needs during your travel. Friendly reminders to our employees are always appreciated and will help us place a face with a request for assistance.

Due to equipment size or other operational restrictions, we may be limited in certain services.

  • We recommend all customers travel with essential medications in a carry-on bag that can be placed beneath the seat in front of you for quick access if needed.
  • Please request wheelchair services or other required assistance when reservations are made, and verify information is recorded upon check-in.
  • A customer’s personal, manual wheelchair may be stowed in the E-190 aircraft cabin on a first come, first served basis. The E-190 is our only aircraft that meets the ACAA requirement for personal wheelchair stowage. This option is not available on the E-145, E-170 and E-175 aircraft.
  • Onboard wheelchairs (the aircraft wheelchair for use during flight) are only available on the E-170, E-175, and E-190 aircraft. They are not available on E-145 aircraft.
  • All Republic aircraft are equipped with lavatories; however, due to aircraft size, ADA-accessible lavatories are available on the E-170/E-175/E-190 aircraft and are not available on the E-145 aircraft.
  • Enplaning and deplaning will be provided by a passenger loading bridge in most locations except for those locations where a passenger loading bridge is not available.
  • For information regarding our policies for acceptance and usage of Personal Oxygen Concentrators (POCs) on our flights, please access information through the appropriate partner link below. A 48 hour advance notice may be required. Note: The dimensions of the SeQual Eclipse and SeQual SAROS POCs will not allow them to fit under the aircraft seat. Therefore, these models may be transported in the cabin but must be stowed in the overhead compartment. They must not be used onboard the aircraft.
  • To bring an Emotional support or psychiatric service animal in the cabin, please bring with you your documentation dated within one year from the date of the scheduled initial flight on the letterhead of a licensed mental health professional (psychiatrist, psychologist or licensed clinical social worker), or from a medical doctor specifically treating the customer's mental or emotional disability. For additional information, please access our partners' links below for booking procedures.
  • For safety reasons, our partner will examine all batteries to determine proper handling. For all wheelchair batteries not labeled by their manufacturer as 'non-spillable', and for wheelchairs which cannot be loaded, stowed, secured, and unloaded in an upright position at all times, removal and airline dangerous goods packaging procedures apply. Lithium-ion wheelchair batteries must be removed from the wheelchair and carried in the cabin by the passenger. The battery must have its terminals protected or insulated and must fit under the seat in front.
  • Battery operated nebulizers, respirators, ventilators, and CPAP machines are accepted for transport as checked baggage provided they are packaged in accordance with DOT Hazardous Materials requirements for air transport on Republic aircraft.

1) All breathing devices to be used on board must be labeled by the manufacturer stating that they have been tested and are FAA compliant.

2) Breathing devices that do not have the manufacture's label stating that they have been tested and are FAA compliant and do not have the RTCA on file with Republic Airlines may be carried on board but are not permitted for use on board the aircraft.

  • Assistive devices are a free carry-on item.

Please select the appropriate link below for information about our partner’s policies regarding customer accessibility.

Our Partner Links for Accessibility*:

American Airlines

Delta Air Lines

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US Airways

*Because carriers make frequent changes to their websites, it is possible that these links might not work. If you cannot find what you are looking for using the above links, please go directly to the ticketing carrier’s website.