Always view our Partner policies for their specific baggage information, however, Republic Airways has the following additional restrictions for the aircraft we fly:

Sporting equipment is allowed on all aircraft types with a maximum length of 96 inches.

Surfboards, windsurfing equipment and pole vaults may be accepted provided the maximum length is not longer than 96 inches. The customer will be required to sign a limited release baggage tag.

Republic cannot accept any items classified as pressurized gases/liquids, oil-based paint, explosives, poisons, magnetic materials, flammable items, corrosives, etc, are not accepted.

For a list of allowed and prohibited items allowed onboard by the Transportation Security Administration, please see:

For all other baggage information, please see our Partners' web sites below.

Our Partner Links for Baggage*:

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US Airways

*Because carriers make frequent changes to their websites, it is possible that these links might not work. If you cannot find what you are looking for using the above links, please go directly to the ticketing carrier’s website.