Shuttle America - Mgr. Flight Training

Job Duties and Responsibilities: (including but not limited to)

  • Directs and coordinates ground and flight training for pilots, flight attendants and dispatchers.
  • Directs and coordinates simulator and aircraft proficiency check rides for pilots.
  • Is responsible for the content of the Pilot training program.
  • Exercises close oversight, to include frequent audits of any Shuttle America contract crew training, to insure full compliance with the Shuttle America Flight Operations Training Manual as well as thorough and standardized training of Shuttle America crews.
  • Designates sufficient Check Airmen to ensure all flight crews conform to standard procedures and qualifications as outlined in applicable FAA Regulations and company policy.
  • Must be highly knowledgeable of the entire contents of the Operations Manual, Operations Specifications, and all Federal Aviation Regulations pertaining to Company operations.
  • Immediately notify the Director of Operations of any discrepancy or irregularity that may effect the ability of Shuttle America to perform within the parameters of safety, regulatory compliance, and fiscal responsibility.
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining a Company Aircraft Flight Manuel.
  • Develop and maintain a current checklist for the company aircraft, which reflects the current Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Evaluate and develop operational and procedural changes as they relate to the company aircraft.
  • Deals directly with pilots regarding aircraft operational procedures, provides flight crews with information, and acts as the collection point for input from pilots and other personnel regarding the operation of the company aircraft.
  • Establish and monitor Company standards during check rides, IOE, and line operations.
  • Designate and train sufficient instructors and check Airmen to ensure all flight crews conform to standard procedures and maintain qualifications as outlined in applicable Company Manuals and Federal Aviation Regulations.
  • Responsible for all training records.


Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Must have 3 years experience as Manager of Flight Training or previous Manager of Flight Training experience in Regional Airline.
  • Candidate must be well versed with a working knowledge of order 8400.10, FAR 121 and 61.
  • The Manager of Flight Training and Standards will report daily to headquarters and must reside within a reasonable driving commute of headquarters.

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